About Me

I’m a web developer and business owner. I run a niche digital consultancy called carawebs. I’m based in the West of Ireland, but I grew up in London.

I’m mainly into WordPress and PHP. Most of my work is with WordPress – I build everything from simple brochure sites to complex virtual learning environments.

I also build static websites, primarily using Jekyll. Blog-aware sites without the overhead of a database.

I do all my development on a Linux box (currently running Ubuntu 14.04) and I’m pretty interested in Linux and open source software generally. Most of my work is done in Atom, which just keeps getting better (yay open source).

I try to dump all my code notes on http://dev-notes.eu/. This is a Jekyll site where I try to list out techniques and snippets in an effort to stop repeating myself.

Before becoming a web developer I was an Exercise Physiologist. My first forays into coding involved building breathing-gas analysis utilities in Visual Basic, but don’t tell anyone… for the lab. Between 1999 and 2008 I was employed by the University of Limerick/NCTC, where I worked with a range of sports people including the Irish National Boxing Team.

My hobbies include kick boxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training, playing guitar & music (mainly Heavy Metal \m/).