Checking Bash Scripts

I found this very useful resource that allows you check bash scripts online:

I’ve been writing quite a few bash scripts lately – amongst other things, I find them useful for running automatic backups and scaffolding out projects from a Github repo starting point.

The tool helps with:

…typical beginner and intermediate level syntax errors and pitfalls where the shell just gives a cryptic error message or strange behavior, but it also reports on a few more advanced issues where corner cases can cause delayed failures.


It is certainly helping me to improve my bash scripting.

Linter Shellcheck in Atom

You can set up Shellcheck as anĀ Atom package.

In Ubuntu:

# Install shellcheck on your system
sudo apt-get install shellcheck

# Install Base linter for Atom
apm install linter

# Install shellcheck
apm install linter-shellcheck

You’ll need to restart Atom.